Established By The Leading Italian Interior Manufacturer, Bolici ®, Renowned Worldwide for Bespoke Interior Projects.

Interni inherits a legacy of over 50 years of excellence. Our roots are deeply anchored in the founder's enduring legacy, enriched by a solid presence and expertise in the Middle East.


Technology, extensive industry knowledge and design-thinking approach. Few reasons why Interni is the right partner for your interior project. We deliver experiences that are smart, transparent, unique and most of all, unforgettable. 


Bolici® is a multi-award-winning interior design and build manufacturer,  based in Rome, Italy that specializes in creating bespoke luxury projects. With over 50 years of experience, Bolici has earned a reputation for pushing the boundaries of interior design, delivering stunning results for ultra-high net worth clients across the globe. Their impressive portfolio includes projects in some of the most exclusive locations worldwide, from London to Moscow, Emirates to KSA, Paris to New York. 

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